I-Corps Fellowship

The goal of our fellowship program is to encourage students, especially those from underrepresented groups*, to participate in an educational experience where they will explore innovation and commercialization processes while participating in an I-Corps Cohort. Selected fellows will receive a fellowship stipend.

There are 2 types of Fellowships available: 

Team Fellow: Supports team activities, willing to learn, assist with worksheets, customer discovery question creation and interviews, presentations, etc. Fellows will participate with the team on their customer discovery journey. See the Fellowship Roadmap for additional information.

Cohort Fellow: (For returning Fellows):
Supports I-Corps Leadership Team, will observe and contribute to cohort activities including digital communications, online event management, or other items that align with interest and expertise. Supports other fellows in the cohort and helps increase the profile of I-Corps within the region.

Interested parties must apply; those under consideration will have a short Zoom interview with one or more members of the I-Corps Fellowship leadership team.

*The Fellowship stipend is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with a goal of broadening participation for those whose representation in STEM employment and science and engineering education is smaller than their representation in the U.S. population. This includes women, persons with disabilities, Blacks or African Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, and American Indians or Alaska Natives.

The I-Corps team is accepting Fellowship applications for all cohorts in 2024.

Please see below for upcoming cohorts:

Fellowship Application

We are looking for the following information/skills to help us match you with the right team:

  • Name, college or university, department, major, contact details, and demographics
  • Interest and enthusiasm in learning about commercialization/customer discovery
  • Experience related to research, innovation, startups, prototypes/product development (not required)
  • Excellent communication skills desired; Prior leadership experience (optional)
  • Up-to-date resume and/or LinkedIn profile

“My opinions were valued even though I was the youngest member of the team. I learned how to conduct professional interviews and to be brief. I am definitely more passionate about getting a patent.”

– CHLOE CONOVER, I-CORPS FELLOW – Materials Science & Engineering, GS-LSAMP