NJCCIC Externship Team visited the ROIC/NJCICC in May 2022

Bentley Labs Externship team visited their labs in February 2022

Externship Exchange

Externships are hands-on team-based student virtual projects with companies, nonprofits, and government agencies in STEM, business, and design industries. They involve a strong mentoring component, are a semester in length and are a knowledge exchange.

Experiential Innovation

Experiential Learning Innovation includes students gaining exposure to experiential research projects, presenting at conferences, workshops, and invited talks, and students publishing academic work.

Experiential Learning for

Business and Science

Externship Bootcamp

Bootcamps are industry-related case study projects with a weekly mentorship by an industry expert in STEM, Business, or Design. Rutgers Externship Bootcamps allow students to gain professional, hands-on work experience with industry leaders. 

Invest in Your Professional Growth

More than 1,560 student placements

More than 30 conference and workshop presentations

Over 120 partner organizations

Over 220,000 student training hours

Mission Statement

Externships provide students with unparalleled experiential learning opportunities for master’s and undergraduate students to seamlessly integrate academia with real-world industry experiences. By forging partnerships with organizations such as Fortune 500 companies, small startups, nonprofits, state, local, and town government agencies, and more, students gain exposure to a wide variety of industries. We offer students transformative projects focused on design thinking, STEM, and business topics to complement their academic areas. Through structured mentorship, interdisciplinary teamwork, and a rigorous curriculum, we empower students to develop essential skills. A sampling of skills learned includes project management topics, the basics of the research process, cutting-edge STEM and business skills, professional networking, and more to gain a career edge. Our program is dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that focuses on individual growth, experiential learning, and layers of mentoring.