Student Publications

Our programs allow students to work on and publish their research and projects they have been working on. We have had many publications from our student projects whether from the externship program or MBS student-affiliated projects. Browse some of the publications we highlighted to get a better understanding of our opportunities for student publications.

Grade Crossing Incidents: A Probability Analysis

Nelson, Christie, Betak, John, White, Michael, Petrus, Brian, Dembeck, Matthew, Kattula, Gagan, Lau, Andy



Health Disparities and COVID-19

Nelson, Christie, Shafer, Fiona



Digital Forensics Labor Analysis for DHS and Law Enforcement

Nelson, Christie, Fell, Hannah

IISE Annual Conference. May 2020.


Use of Big Data to Optimize Maintenance and Visualize Grade Crossing Accidents

Betak, John, Nelson, Christie, Williams, Trefor, Presswala, Sakina, Patel, Atul

American Railroad Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA). Sept 2020


Identifying High Frequency Shooting Zones for NBA Teams using Clustering

Gandhi, Aditya, Tiwari, Satakshi, Nelson, Christie.

Proc. of IIE Annual Conference. 2017.


Walk-Through Metal Detectors and Stadium Contraband

Nelson, Christie, Eboreime, Omoikhefe, Harris, Dexter.



Text Mining and Dictionary Choice: SME Miner Tool Utilized for the Railroad Industry and Other Applications

Nelson, Christie, Williams, Trefor, Betak, John, Reddy Mondeddu, Kartheek, Nguyen, Alex, Mera, Ivan, McGuire, Jonathan