What is the Collaboratory for Externships and Experiential Innovation?

Through the Rutgers Master of Business and Science (MBS) program, the Collaboratory are experiential learning project for students to gain exposure to Industry Innovation in a variety of STEM, Business, and Design industries.


Our Story

Over the last 6+ years, we have innovated and developed a remote project / externship program at Rutgers University, converging research, industry innovations, and structured faculty and company mentorship, within a guided course format.

We currently have approx. 170 masters and undergrad students per semester (fall, spring, and summer), supported by 16 advisors & faculty, supported by 13 student workers.

This is a way for students, in teams working remotely, to learn under the mentorship and guidance of both a faculty member and an external company mentor. Our structure allowed us to pivot and bring in more students who may have lost jobs, internships, and opportunities due to Covid-19, or who wanted more experience/pivot into new areas.

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Our Goal

The goal of our program is to train the next generation of individuals to assume leadership roles in science-intensive industries to fuel innovation and economic growth. Guided by this mission, the program leverages Rutgers’ unique geographic position and strong industry ties. Through these advantages, our program offers many strengths and benefits to our students and partners.

Our Advisory Board

Headshot of Christie Nelson

Christie Nelson, Ph.D.


Headshot of Karen Bemis

Karen Bemis, Ph.D.

Assitant Director

Deborah Silver, Ph.D.

Executive Director

And more!

Externships bring to students hands on experiential learning opportunities with industry partners. These projects connect students with the latest in innovation and thought leaders, with a focus on layers of mentoring. Students are prepared to join the workforce, pivot into a new area, or build on their existing skills.

Christie Nelson, Ph.D.

, Collaboratory Director

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