Student Competition Participation

Our students have the opportunity to compete in various competitions around the country. Similar to conference participation, we host students to take their research projects to showcase & compete with other teams. Learn more about our students that have participated and received awards.

WiDS Datathon

The WiDS Datathon is an initiative to provide a platform for data science enthusiasts to learn, apply and hone their data science skills through the social impact challenges presented to them. Participants are trained and mentored by partners, ambassadors, and data enthusiasts.

February 2018 Team Members

Gilat Mandelbaum, Bao Chen, Princia Contin, Amy Le, Regina Taurino, Aishwarya Gunde, Chunyu Huang

Economist Competition

Kaspersky Security Challenge Competition – Popular Vote Winner

The Rutgers team has developed an innovative practical solution for the Kaspersky security challenge, which is a hybrid blockchain system we call VoteChain. This system enables voting through a web application or mobile app, while still maintaining the option of using the traditional public booth (although it is now running on a blockchain node). The system has four major components, and consists of the voter, verification authority, ballot regulator and the application server. The communication between the voter, verification authority and the ballot regulator are done via the application server. The system incudes security features like biometrics, checks for voting under duress, and unique usage of asymmetric encryption, which not only allows voters to anonymously vote but simultaneously restricts interim vote tallying. The Votechain ensures full transparency after the results are published by leaving an audit report that anyone who has taken part in the process can see and audit.

September to October 2016 Team Members

Christopher Dougherty, Hammad Khan, Jason Occidental

Maritime Risk Symposium Poster Competition

“The Maritime Risk Symposium is an annual two and a half day conference in which government and maritime industry leaders, port representatives, researchers, and solution providers convene to examine current and emerging threats to maritime security.” – Maritime Risk Symposium website

Student researchers submit a poster for the student poster competition, with topics involving annual themes of importance to the maritime industry.

Student Presentations

2019  – First Place Winner

Team Members

2021   – Participant

Team Members

2022   – First Place Winner

Team Member

2022   – Second Place Winner

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