Program Description

Through the Rutgers Master of Business and Science (MBS) Externship Exchange program, students are matched to corporate/ industry small projects in teams ranging from two to nine students. Taking a project from start to finish, teams are directed by both an MBS academic advisor and a mentor from the organization to which they have been assigned. This unique opportunity allows students to gain real, hands-on work experience at some of the world’s leading corporations while also receiving specialized instruction on topics including leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and effective presentations. Intensive professional development workshops are a hallmark of our program. The Externship Exchange can be a gateway to the job of your dreams. 

Externship Exchange Leaders

Headshot of Christie Nelson

Christie Nelson, Ph.D.

Director, Externship Exchange

Headshot of Karen Bemis

Karen Bemis, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Externship Exchange

Abbe Rosenthal, MA, PCC, LCOP

Assistant Director, Externship Exchange

Deborah Silver, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Master of Business and Science (MBS) degree

Partner Testimonial

“The Rutgers Externship Program has helped me to accomplish a project in a short time. The students brought different points of views that inspired me to think of new ideas and be more creative. Students did an exceptional job providing me with value-added analysis and support.”

Elsa Yuriko Tsuji, Director of Global Quality Systems, Colgate Palmolive