Rutgers Externship Exchange Bootcamps allow students to gain real, hands-on work experience with industry leaders.

Our Bootcamp Rotationals

Dynamic Curriculum


Our Externship Bootcamp Rotationals are designed to evolve with the ever-changing professional environment.


Industry leaders are brought in to work with our program to create unique and challenging projects every semester. No two Externship Bootcamp Rotationals are the same!

Hands-On Learning


Teams meet with industry leaders weekly to discuss, iterate and receive guidance.


Students have the opportunity to take initiative and steer their projects to the next level.


10 weeks during the Summer & 14 weeks during the Spring and Fall



8-10 hour weekly time investment from students


Targeting 4 to 8 person student teams per project

What Students are Saying…

“Looking at this site today, especially our survey results, I am so proud of the work we were able to accomplish as students. I can remember the day, back in October 2020, that I proposed we seek Institutional Review Board approval for a COVID survey. Little did I know that in the coming months, I would gain a plethora of knowledge about the IRB process specifically.”

Fiona Schafer

HC Public Health

“This Externship Bootcamp and working on the website has been a great learning experience for me, as I have been able to connect to so many different industry and healthcare professionals since I started. As a rising sophomore at Rutgers, I always wished I had more resources to help me understand COVID-19 during my first year. I am proud to be a part of a team that is working towards creating those resources for the Rutgers community.”

Nora Asker

HC Public Health

“I feel that this project was something that I needed in order to elevate my skills to apply in a real industry professional environment and learn how to be a leader. I have gained the tools and knowledge of how a project works and really the freedom one has to determine the outcome. We had full reign on really anything I wanted to explore and took advantage of that to fully develop amazing skills, connections, and a great final product on our website.

Shrey Joshi

SOE Biomedical Engineering

“The Wall Street Bootcamp was an extraordinary opportunity to grow and develop my analytical skill set in computer science…I learned a lot of new professional and soft skills throughout the project, such as time management, teamwork collaboration, communication and presentation skills, and many more.”

Vraj Patel

MBS Analytics