Why is it for you?

  • Gain experience working with industry experts through mentorship.
  • Receive real-time feedback from experienced professionals.
  • Grow a network by connecting with colleagues and mentors.

Course Timeline

For the summer session, the semester is 12 weeks long instead of 14.  The course timeline is subject to change based on the Rutgers academic calendar.


Week 1 - Week 2

Course introduction, project matching, and internal project kickoff meetings


Week 3 - Week 4

Internal project kickoff meetings continue, project management, introduction to project charter and concept maps, design thinking.


Week 5 - Week 6

Project Charter Presentations, leadership styles, team development.


Week 7 - Week 8

 Individual elevator pitch, team presentation skills.


Week 9 - Week 10

Career development and strategy, building off the externship, visual design.


Week 11 - Week 12

 Lightning presentation review and dress rehearsal, tips for project handoffs.


Week 13 - Week 14

Final presentations and team handoff.

Student Testimonials

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