Externship Fellowship

The Externship fellowship is awarded to selected, highly performing MBS students who are team leads in the semester of awarding, and who are students in the MBS program in good academic standing. Like the MBS fellowship, it is awarded as a tuition waiver against the next semester’s term bill.

Who is eligible for the Fellowship?

Any active MBS student who is participating in the Externship Program during the current semester, and is a Team Lead. Team Leads who have exhibited outstanding leadership skills, have gone above and beyond in their position, and have done an exceptional job in leading and shaping their team and project will be considered for the fellowship opportunity. Additional eligibility requirements: students must be in good academic standing in the MBS program and must be registered for courses in the following semester. Students cannot be in their final semester to receive the award.

Note that the award is conditional upon acceptable performance and professional behavior during the externship. Awards will be announced after the end-of-semester presentations and can be applied to tuition the following semester.

NOTE THAT AWARDS ARE NOT GUARANTEED: funding is limited and selection is competitive.

How much am I likely to receive?

Funding amounts vary based on availability. Awards typically range from $500 to $1500 and are processed as reimbursement of credits applied toward future MBS courses.

Who is eligible for the Externship Team Lead Awards?

Open to all students participating the in MBS Externship Exchange program as a team lead. All team leads will be considered for the Outstanding Team Lead Award, as voted on by a selection committee of Externship Advisors.

Outstanding Team Lead Award

Open to MBS students who are team leads and show excellent leadership and management skills in the semester of awarding and who are students in the MBS program in good academic standing.

Best Presentation Selection Process

All teams will be considered for the Best Presentation Award and Best Slides Awards. An audience vote will be taken during the semester’s Lightning Talk Presentations to determine the recipients. The winners are based on the voting results.

Best Presentation Award

Open to all Externship teams, and awarded to teams that have given an outstanding presentation, have communicated their project exceptionally well during their presentation, have made their topic interesting and relatable to the audience, and usually have an impactful end result.

Best Slides Award

Open to all Externship teams, and awarded to teams that have done an exceptional job at designing their presentation slides, incorporated the information in a way that is understandable, relatable, and attractive, and have done extra work beyond our provided design template to make their presentation stand out.


Partner Fellowship

On occasion, we have incredible partners who want to recognize and award participating students for their hard work and dedication to their projects. Our past partners have occasionally hosted their own, independent fellowship award. These awards are granted by the partner organization and awardees are decided based on criteria given by that organization. There is no guarantee that we will have additional fellowship opportunities in a given semester, and these fellowship awards are at the discretion of the organization.