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Why Partner with Us?

Our unique program combines advanced, STEM-based education with professionally guided business instruction—enabling graduates to step confidently and adeptly into the STEM workforce equipped not only with advanced academic knowledge, but with the business skills essential to professional leadership and advancement.

The goal of our program is to train the next generation of individuals to assume key integrator and leadership roles in science-intensive industries and to help translate research into commercialization to fuel innovation and economic growth. Guided by this mission, the program leverages Rutgers’ unique geographic position, and strong industry ties, and, through those advantages, our program offers many strengths and benefits.

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Strengthening education through collaboration

Industry partnerships and experiential learning are open to all students, connecting them with industry experts and mentors at some of the world’s leading employers.


Multidisciplinary integration and partnerships

Through an integrated, interdisciplinary, and dynamic curriculum, we meet the STEM industry’s ever-changing labor needs by educating a new generation of professionals who can keep pace with rapid workforce changes. Our program also involves integrated partnerships among the professional schools on all three Rutgers campuses, as well as with employers in New Jersey and worldwide.


Our partners support the mission and objectives of CEEI

Thank you to all of our Comapny Partners! CEEI would not be possible without the support of our dedicated sponsor organizations.