I-Corps@Rutgers Cohort History

We are proud of the many participants who have completed the Rutgers I-Corps program while we were an I-Corps site. We remain in contact with these I-Corps™ Alumni and encourage our previous team members to sign up for our Hub newsletter and follow us on LInkedIn.

The previous I-Corps™ Cohorts and teams are listed beginning with our last Rutgers Cohort (before we transitioned to the NE I-Corps Hub) held in Fall 2021 and ending with our very first Cohort held in the Spring of 2018.

Some Statistics: As of 12-1-2021 we have trained 120 teams and over 450 unique participants. Our teams (conducted close to 3000 interviews, generated 8,000 insights and have received well over $7.7 million in follow-on funding from a variety of sources.   Many have won or placed in the top 5 in competitions and contests and/or formed start-up companies.

Fall 2021 – Cohort 12  The Fall Cohort included 10 teams:

  • Photonics – New generation of OLED displays with high efficiency
  • OvaMed – In-vitro mini-ovary culture system for improving women’s reproductive health
  • Integrated Employment Institute – Curricula and tool kit to promote more inclusive employee practices in the workplace
  • Nervana – A cellularized nerve regeneration graft to repair nerve injury
  • Zhu Cheminformatics – Data-based software tools to facilitate pharmaceutical research
  • ADHI –a survey data collection platform that supports multilingual and multimodal survey research needs
  • EverLiv   – keeping family documents and history safely in the cloud
  • Rager Promotions – Collegiate Event Promotion Platform
  • Afsar Seal -improved root canal sealant for endodontics applications

Session Dates: Optional Meet & Greet (Tues. Oct. 19, 2021) Session 1a; Friday, Oct. 22; Session 1b: Tues., Oct. 26; Session 2: Fri., Oct. 29; Session 3: Friday, Nov. 5.; Session 4a: Thurs. Nov. 18; Session 4b Friday, Nov.19. Virtual office hours: Tues. Nov. 9 and Wed. Nov.10.

Summer 2021 – Cohort 11  Our Summer Cohort included 7 teams:

  • Quantum Click – Next-Gen Quantum Modeling for Small Molecule Drug Design
  • Collab Learning – A Social Learning Platform to facilitate engagement, reduce stress, and increase academic performance
  • Platient Research Technologies – a ecosystem for collecting medical cannabis data to personalize patient outcomes
  • Caring Voices -Voice technology to enhance a customers gift receiving experience
  • Robossis Imaging – Imaging software to provide improved femur fracture alignment
  • Gums & Gums – a solution for quick flossing of your teeth
  • Gabb Labb – a gamified platform for foreign language learning

Session Dates: Optional Meet & Greet (Thurs. July 8, 2021) Session 1a; Monday, July 12; Session 1b: Thursday, July 15; Session 2: Thurs., July 22; Session 3: Thurs., July 29; Session 4: Thursday, August 5. Virtual office hours: Tues. July 27 and Thurs. July 29.

Spring 2021 – Cohort 10  Our first Cohort of 2021 included 10 teams.

The following teams completed Cohort 10:

  • Zena Therapeutics – developing safe alternatives to anti-anxiety benzodiazepines with reduced risks for both overdoses and addiction
  • The Greet IDEA – app using machine learning to provide mothers with insights into their pregnancy to predict, intervene an prevent potential health consequences
  • Betagem – IoT-based air filter system monitoring system that can be controlled via a mobile device.
  • Welcome Home – An app to connect woman refugees in New Jersey with local resources.
  • Village Music – Unique segmentation platform for music lovers and those in the music industry
  • AgSolTrack – Custom solar tracking systems for farmers saving energy and protecting crops
  • ImmunoSyNK (formerly Liu Nk Therapeutics) – Providing high throughput, reproducible and simple assays to optimize cell therapies
  • VOLTA – Next generation lithium-ion batteries with longer driving ranges and less charging time
  • GREET – A scalable enzymatic platform for producing industry relevant carbohydrates
  • Precision Sensing Technology – Surgical tools providing real-time haptic feedback

Session Dates: Friday, Feb. 26, Tuesday, March 2, Friday, March 5, Friday, March 12, Tuesday, March 9 (virtual office hours), Thursday, April 1 and Friday, April 2.

Fall 2020 – Cohort 9 This was our second all-virtual cohort taking place many months after the start of the pandemic and during a controversial residential election.

Our 10 teams conducted over 300 interviews:

  • G6 Graphene – Industrial Graphene Applications
  • Med Nebula – Machine Learning in Medical Imaging
  • AI for Railroad Safety – Artificial Intelligence solutions to promote safety in the transportation industry
  • VALD – Global telehealth platform connecting medical practitioners with users in remote locations
  • Bioda – Machine Learning in genomics
  • ICE – Intelligent Cardiovascular Evaluation – Tool for personalized evaluation of cardiovasculature
  • Mesophagus – Screening Kit for High Risk Esophageal Cancer patients
  • Formic Acid Control in Apiaries – Low energy sensors to reduce mite attacks on Bee Hives
  • Nizar Souayah -Tool for improving effectiveness of neuropathy treatments
  • IISE – Software to reduce autonomous robot/drone/vehicle collisions

Session Dates: Friday, October 16, Tuesday, October 20, Friday, October 23, Friday, October 30, Tuesday, Nov. 3 (virtual office hours), Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13.

Summer 2020 – Cohort 8 – This was our largest and first all-virtual cohort.

Despite the challenges, our 12 teams conducted over 300 interviews:

  • Merakhi  – Smart Jewelry & Education to Combat Sexual Assault
  • DOS – A smoking cessation service geared toward mindfullness
  • Ambient Strategies – Ambient Strategies-Diagnostic tools designed to improve retention of students in STEM Programs.
  • FRONTIARS – Stressed plant and weed monitoring module for Drones
  • CTS Trainers – Clinical and Translational Research Self-Assessment, Training Identification, and Alignment Tool (TRAIT)
  • Surf-X -Surface technology to prevent microbial adhesion and biofilm formation
  • Nutrivide – pre-measured infant nutrient supplement delivery
  • Axon Blue – A Novel Genetic Therapy Platform for Treating Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • SafeTrans – An innovative virtual-reality–based training tool for traffic incident management first responders
  • metaMe – COV-ID app – Smart Credential System to monitor the spread of COVID-19
  • MaxVak – Novel electric toothbrush with on-board suction
  • NanoInk – Tumor-targeting nanoprobes to speed up pre-clinical drug screening

Session Dates: Friday, July 10, Tuesday, July 14, Friday, July 17, Friday, July 24, Tuesday, July 28 (virtual office hours), Thursday, August 6 and Friday, August 7.

Spring 2020 – Cohort 7  We held the first two sessions on Cook Campus at the Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health.

In true I-Corps fashion, the 10 teams in the cohort pivoted midway and finished up its last three sessions virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions on in-person meetings:

  • 3Spray – A Post-Processing Spray Chamber that could be added as an accessory to additive and subtractive manufacturing systems
  • Qualtrac – Software Allowing users to Extract and Report Quality Data from Electronic Health Records
  • CAMILE – a Crowd-sourced Application Bringing Immersive Language Acquisition to Students
  • NeuroAscent – Virtual Neuroanatomy Platform that Enhances Medical Study through 3D Imagery
  • Plexymer  – Advanced and Intelligent Automation for Polymer Chemistry
  • Xaminate – Virtual Patient Platform that Offers Medical Students Training in Doctor/Patient Communication Skills
  • Regennera Therapeutics  – A Novel Regenerative Bone Replacement Facilitating Better Healing and Tissue Development
  • Smart MS3 – Wearable, Real-time Monitoring Tool to Track Muscle Activation
  • Tidbitting – Software that aids in Site Location Selection by Analyzing Individual’s Use of Space
  • plej – Innovative Event Ticketing Platform for Small/Medium Sized venues

Session Dates: Fridays: February 28, March 6, March 13; March 27 (virtual office hours), April 3 and April 10.

A virtual presentation from team 3Spray (left); Screen shot showing Cohort 7 members listening intently to their colleagues

Fall 2019 – Cohort 6 was held on Livingston Campus at the Rutgers Business School Building, Room 1144.
9 teams completed Cohort 6:

  • Ciscovery Bio. – Proprietary Genome-scale Biomarker Discovery Tool. Visit company LinkedIn page.
  • Liquid- and Refill-free Sanitization of User Interfaces – Paper-based Cold Plasma Sanitation System
  • Makery – Digital Platform for Creators
  • Edify – Try-before-you-buy Model for your Career
  • GY-Biotech – Diagnostic Test for Various Cancers
  • Adaptive AI – Predictive Modeling System using AI and Genomics
  • Protean Industries – Plug and Play Biomimetic Robots and Sensor Systems
  • Biosaf Concepts – Antibacterial Poly Jackets for Phones and Devices
  • Nemagen Discoveries – Therapies for Treating Mast-Cell Mediated Diseases

Session Dates: Fridays: October 18, October 25, November 1, and November 15.

Summer 2019 – Cohort 5 was held on Busch Campus at the new Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering Building, Room 105.

11 teams completed Cohort 5:

  • SentiX – Software applying Artificial Intelligence for Improved Financial Decision-making
  • The Knight’s Watch – Geo-Social Platform for Safety and Communication in Emergency Situations
  • Healthy Nelli – A Program to Assist with Mental Health Outreach in the Hispanic Population
  • Green Wrapp – A Science-based App to Design Environmentally Friendly and Size-appropriate Packages
  • CogDx – Digital Tools to Prediagnose Mental Disorders and Provide Appropriate Treatments
  • Brushing Solutions – Powered Toothbrush with Evacuation for People with Special Needs
  • I3-DAT – Quantitative Testing Device to Measure Impairment when Driving or at the Workplace
  • Luminous – Integrated Marketplace for Healthcare Transactions
  • PrE(P) Conception – Smart Phone App for Preconception Counseling of Couples with Differing HIV Status
  • Solace – An App providing “Anonymous group chat therapy wherever you are.”
  • SCIWAYS – Digital Badging System allowing Recruiters and Employees and Students to Speak a Common Language

Session Dates: Tuesdays: July 9, July 16, July 23 and Friday, August 2.

Spring 2019 – Cohort 4 was held on Cook Campus at the Institute for Food Nutrition and Health (IFNH) building, Room 205 .

11 teams completed Cohort 4:

  • Prevenient Recognition System – Biomarkers for Early Seizure Detection
  • Living Waters – Rainwater Harvesting System designed for Refugee Camps
  • Dnanosis – DNA Nanosensor to Detect a Broad Array of Biomarkers
  • BurnFlex – Rethinking First Aid for Burns
  • Eleptheria – (Now FentAlert) Color-coded Needle System to detect the presence of Fentanyl
  • Icashout – Order and Payment Technology for Main Street Merchants
  • Rizlab Health – Bringing Complete Blood Cell Analysis to the Patient. Learn more at the company website.
  • Aersys  The Future of Delivery and Parcel Management
  • VetCoin – VR System to help Transition Veterans to a University-Setting
  • SaffronHealthSciences – Nutraceutical for Alzheimer’s and age-related diseases
  • Knowledge Exchange – Connecting people for the purpose of sharing knowledge and improving people’s lives and careers.

Session Dates: Fridays, February 8, February 15, February 22 and March 8

Fall 2018 – Cohort 3 was held at Rutgers-Livingston Campus at the Rutgers Business School Building (South) in Flex Hall.

8 teams completed Cohort 3:

  • Neptech – Natural Bedbug Repellent
  • OptoVibronex – Virtual Biopsy for Dermatological Lesions
  • Entractiv – Smart Mirror
  • Unov – Nanotechnology-based Protective Gear
  • Sunscape – Suncreen Alternative to Prevent and Repair Damage
  • FemSTEM – Interactive Online Game to Inspire Women’s Interest/Participation in STEM
  • Enlightened Energy – Self-Powered Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades
  • Glimpse You  – Connecting International Students with Local Mentorship and Resources

Sessions Dates:  Fridays: October 19, October 26, November 2, and November 16.

Summer 2018 – Cohort 2 was held on Rutgers Newark Campus in the Rutgers Business School Bldg, Room 326. Session 4 included a tour of Newark Venture Partners.

7 teams completed Cohort 2:

  • InnovAltum – AI Platform for Measuring Innovation Metrics in the Green Tech Space
  • Inscriptures (formerly know as Assays) – Smartphone App to Learn Complex Procedures and Protocols. Visit the company site inscriptures.net.
  • Birge and Kotenko – Novel PS-Targeting Immuno-Oncologicals
  • G-PMCs – Unique Graphene Polymer Composite Materials
  • RenewCO2 (formerly CO2Chem) – Clean Electrochemical Processes that Convert CO₂ into Monomers and other Organic Chemicals
  • The Electrics – Continuous Real-time Monitoring of Microbial Load in Water
  • IgVortex – Computational Fluid Structure Dynamic Software Platform

Session Dates:   Friday, July 13, Tuesday, July 17, Friday, July 20, and Tuesday, July 31

Spring 2018 – Cohort 1. Ten teams participated in our very first I-Corps@Rutgers Cohort which was held on Livingston Campus at the Rutgers Business School (South) in Flex Hall.

10 teams completed Cohort 1:

  • 3Ducators – 3D Printing and Training
  • Cell2Wound – Hydrogel for Chronic Wounds
  • NADI (North American Disease Intervention) Platform for Community Healthcare Screenings run by future Medical School Students
  • Map Training my Brain – Mental & Physical Training using Meditation and Aerobic Exercise
  • RIVERS Lab – Rehabilitation Via VSTEP Virtual Reality Platform
  • Rooted in You – Personalized Nutrition Backed by Science
  • EPoC-MD – Low Cost Diagnostic for Infections
  • Fish-EA – Specialized Detection of Esophageal Cancer
  • AquaComb – Unique Air Filtration System
  • SULIS – Solar Powered Water Purification System

Session Dates: Tuesdays: February 27, March 6, March 20, and March 27